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             NEW MEMBER ____ / RENEWAL MEMBER ____   MY MEMBERSHIP NUMBER ___________

  FARM/RANCH NAME _________________________________________________________________________________

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  MAILING ADDRESS ____________________________  CITY ____________________  STATE _____ ZIP __________

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        Annual Membership dues are $35.00 individual or family     (January 1 - December 31)       
                       (Please check all that apply)   My family and I are interested in: 

  Pleasure Riding ___  Showing ____  Competitive ____  Speed Event ____  Breeding ___  Equine Health _____

  Other: (Please specify) ______________________________ My email address: ________________________________

  I agree that when I become a member, I will abide by all rules of International Pinto Arabian Registry, Inc. and
  I will always endeavor to uphold the highest ethical practices in all my dealings with IPAR and their owners, handlers,
  trainers and all other associated with these beautiful animals.  I realize by my signature, I am stating under oath that 
  all information given to IPAR, is the truth to the best of my knowledge and aware of the penalty of Law.

      Signature ____________________________________________________________            Date ______________________________

             IPAR is not affiliated or associated with International Arabian Horse association, Pinto Horse Association, 
   or any other registry or association of any type.

                                                        3105 JOE DOWLEN RD.
                                                     PLEASANT VIEW, TN 37146


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                                                               (If no answer, please leave a message.)

 NOTICE: Whereas stated information contained in this document is presented to be true and correct to the best of the owners knowledge., whereby said 
 owner, assumes all liability.  Any known acts of fraud or misrepresentation, should be reported to your local authorities, and IPAR for revocation of 
 membership and prosecuted by law for acts of verifiable fraud.  This includes the corrections of owners lawful name and also as to the intentions 
  presented to IPAR.
                                                                                                             Copyright (c) 2009 IPAR, all rights reserved.

  International Pinto Arabian Registry *** IPAR
            One Flat Rate $50.00 USA / $60.00 International  (International Please add $12.00 for postage)
                                                       USA Certified Mail add $10. / Reg. Mail $3.00

                                                      Horse Registration Form

   You MUST fill out the ENTIRE Registration to avoid a delay)
  (NAME CHOICE'S)                                        
  1st CHOICE ___________________________________________  2nd Choice ________________________________________________

  SIRE ______________________________________________________________________________________________ / _______ Arabian
         SIRE'S SIRE ________________________________________________________________________________________________     

         SIRE'S DAM _______________________________________________________________________________________________    

  DAM _____________________________________________________________________________________________ / _______ Arabian

         DAM'S SIRE _______________________________________________________________________________________________

         DAM'S DAM _______________________________________________________________________________________________

   % ARABIAN BLOOD __________ Verified      DATE FOALED _________________  BRED BY _______________________________________________

                         STALLION _____MARE _____GELDING _____STOCK PLEASURE ______SADDLE GAITING ______

                          COLOR ______________TYPE ___________TOBIANO ___________OVERO _________SOLID ________

         ARE YOUR IPAR MEMBERSHIP DUES CURRENT? NO _____ / YES ____ MEMBERSHIP NUMBER __________________  

 THIS HORSE IS TO BE REGISTERED TO ________________________________________________________________________________

 ADDRESS ______________________________________  CITY _________________________________  STATE __________  ZIP _________

 DAY PHONE ______________________________  EVENING ___________________________  EMAIL _________________________________________________

                                     TO BE COMPLETED FOR FIRST TIME FOAL REGISTRATION ONLY
                        STALLION'S OWNER STATEMENT                                         MARE'S OWNER STATEMENT
            I certify that I bred the Stallion named below.                 I certify that I owned the mare named below.

  NAME ___________________________________________________        NAME ______________________________________________
  REGISTRATION # ________________________________________  
       The date the foal was born, to the best of my knowledge,and there are no liens or other encumbrance of this foal.
                    TO THE MARE NAMED BELOW:                                  

  NAME ___________________________________________________         SIGNATURE _______________________________________

  One this day _______ month ____________ year ____________          CO-OWNER ________________________________________

  SIGNATURE _____________________________________________         

  SIGNATURE _____________________________________________

               Don't forget to send a copy of BOTH parents papers with their PERCENTAGES. all documents, pictures, and fee to:

                                  "IPAR"         3105 JOE DOWLEN RD.       PLEASANT VIEW, TN 37146

                           Take pictures (all 4 sides) make sure the poses with colors & patterns (etc) For your Certificate.

                                                                           Thank You!_____________________
 NOTICE: Whereas stated information contained in this document is presented to be true and correct, to the best of the owners knowledge 
 whereby said owner assumes all liability.  Any known acts of fraud or misrepresentation, should be reported to your local authorities, and 
  IPAR for revocation of membership and prosecuted by law for acts of verifiable fraud.  This includes the corrections of owners lawful name 
  and also as to the intentions presented to IPAR