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 April 18, 2013
NOTICE is hereby given to all individuals, associations and registries engaged in the Equine business, (especially to any individual and Horse Registries.  Whereby, engages in unlawful activities of slander, liable or any fraudulent attempt to discredit the reliability, integrity or honesty of the  International Pinto Arabian Registry (IPAR) .  That's including any action made public for the purpose of defamation of character with the intent to profit from said action.  

The International Pinto Arabian Registry (IPARwill not tolerate any person or registry, to engage in Corporate Acts to   monopolize in any form, the Equine Registration Business.

IPAR is an "US OFFICIAL REGISTRY" of good reputation since 1994 and invite dispute from anyone.  We are also listed with the Better Business Bureau. (BBB)

IPAR prays that God will bless you, and we realize the entire country is under hardship.  We could also use your           prayers.  We look forward to serving you in an honest and respectful way. 
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